8 Steps to Set Up a Chessboard Correctly

Chessboard Correct Position

Chess is not only a strategic game but filled with happiness and joy. Currently, the chess game that originated in the Asian region has spread all around the globe. Nowadays …

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05 Special Chess Rules You Must Know

Chess Rules

Chess is a board-based game that facilitates two players to be involved in the game at once. Since the 7th century, millions of players have experienced chess around the globe. …

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When Was Chess Invented and by Whom?

Chess History

Chess is one of the world’s most popular indoor games. It is popular in most countries in the world. It is not only an ordinary game because it can be …

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Is Chess a Sport? Reasons?

Is Chess a Sport?

Chess is an indoor game which plays by millions of players all over the world. But can we mention that game as a sport? Let’s talk about it and get …

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