How to Play Chess? (Best Chess Tutorials for Beginners)

Learning how to play chess isn’t hard. You may want to learn chess yourself or you may want to teach how to play chess for you kid. This articles will helpful for both of them because we have listed down top chess tutorials in this article.

The most important things when learning chess is, identifying the chessboard, chess pieces & learning how to set up the chessboard. Then you need to learn how to move chess pieces & chess rules. Then you need to learn about how to win a chess match & when chess matches are drawn.

How to Play Chess

Your next step should be to play chess matches as much a possible. You can participate in local chess tournaments. There are a lot of websites & apps which allow you to play chess online with your friends & other online users. Register on them and play as much as possible.

Best Chess Lessons

Chess Lessons

Here is a collection of chess lessons to learn about how to play chess.

Chess Lessons: This chess lesson collection has been categorised into 5 categories, They are “learn to play chess”, “from beginning to winner”, “think like a chess player”, “advanced chess concepts” & “mastery”. There are multiple basic to advanced chess lessons under each category. If you don’t know anything about chess this is the best lesson collection start learning chess. It doesn’t mean that this lesson collection isn’t suitable for advanced players. This lesson collection is suitable for advanced chess players also because you find advanced lessons like chess psychology, the art of exchanging pieces, strategic errors, learning from mistakes, defending difficult positions & more.

StackExchange Chess Website: This is the best chess questions and answers website. You can ask chess questions and learn about chess from here, but please read their guideline before asking a question to prevent disabling your account. This site is useful for after you learn the basic of chess because this site doesn’t allow very basic chess questions like “how to play chess?”.

New to chess: This is a popular chess discussion on Reddit website (Reddit is a very popular news aggregation & discussion website. Over billion people use Reddit monthly). Read that discussion. Many chess players have submitted their opinion about how to find the best chess. resources.

Best Chess Video Tutorials

Chess Video Lessons

Watching video chess tutorials is one of the best ways to learn chess. Here you can find a few chess videos to learn how to play chess.

Udemy Chess Courses: More than 200,000 chess students have been using Udemy for learning chess. These are not free courses, these are paid courses But all Udemy chess courses comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try them without any risk.

How to Set Up the Board?: There is a comment called “This is where I started playing chess by watching this tutorial 5 years ago and now I won 3rd place at our school chess tournament”. Do you need any more motivation to start to watch this video? And this shows that it takes a couple of years to be an expert on chess. 

The Complete Guide for Beginners: You can learn how to play all chess pieces(king, queen, rook, bishop, pawn) and some basic rules like how to make an “en passant” move, how to do a “pawn promotion.”, how to make a “castling” move, etc. There are more than 2,000 comments also for this video, this show how popular is this video.


We have listed down the best resources to how to play chess. Now your turn to learn and practise chess to become a better chess player.

If you want to learn chess from a personal chess trainer, the best way is finding a local chess trainer or hire chess trainer from Fiverr.

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