20 Most Popular Chess Openings ( 900 MIllion+ Games Analyzed)

The YouTube channel “BigData Visualization” has analyzed more than 900 million chess games (it is more than 2 GB of data) to find the most popular chess openings.

Chess Openings

According to data, the following are the most chess popular openings.

  1. Sicilian Defense
  2. French Defense
  3. Scandinavian Defense
  4. Italian Defense
  5. Italian Game
  6. English Opening
  7. Caro-Kann Defense
  8. Modern Defense
  9. Philidor Defense
  10. Zukertort Opening
  11. Spanish Game
  12. Indian Game
  13. Van’t Kruijs Opening
  14. Queen’s Gambit Declined
  15. Hungarian Opening
  16. Scotch Game
  17. Nimzo-Larsen Attack
  18. Bishop’s Opening
  19. Pirc Defense
  20. Horwitz Defense

If you want to learn the above chess openings just search on Google or YouTube, but don’t forget to add the “chess” word also when you search.

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