Top 10 Most Common Chess Blunders

Chess is a two-player turn-based strategy game and a chess blunder is just a really bad move that you make in chess.

Alex who is a popular chess player did a project to find the top 10 chess blunders. Let check how he did it.

Most Common Chess Blunders

First, you need to understand what is a chess engine. A chess engine is and basically, a really powerful computer program that runs a ton of calculations to play chess and one thing that it can do is assign a number to a specific board position based on who it thinks is winning the game.

As the number gets more and more positive it’s going to think that white is going to win the game and vice versa as it gets more and more negative the computer thinks that black is going to win the game.

Alex was curious about how many possible board variations there are in a chess game and which blunder or a really bad move is played the most often.

There is a database at which is a popular online website for chess has very huge chess database which contains 890 million games since 2013. It is 1.5 terabyte data and 8% of them had an engine evaluation for each move. And it is about 70 million chess games and it is more than enough to find the most common blunders.

So after analyzing those 70 million videos Alex found the most common 10 chess blunders. All those chess blunders are mentioned in the below video.

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