Is Chess a Sport? Reasons?

Chess is an indoor game which plays by millions of players all over the world. But can we mention that game as a sport? Let’s talk about it and get a conclusion for the question.

Definition of the Word “Sport”

Sport is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. Chess completions are not defined as an athletic. And it can’t be defined as a sport. However, most of the outdoor and indoor games which not define as athletic mentioned as sports. And chess is also like a sport in many ways. But, it is only a game, not a sport according to the definition of “sport”. However, the International Olympic Committee also had recognized Chess as a sport. So, there is trouble to recognize chess as a sport or not. 

Is Chess a Sport?

Why We Can Recognize Chess as a Sport?

The first reason to identify chess as a sport is, the international Olympic committee’s recognition. It is the world-leading organization about all of the sports and international sports event in the world. The second thing is, it requires both physical exertion and mental exertion. But, 99% of exertion use for playing chess is mental exertion. Chess contains internationally recognized official rules and regulations on game and players. It is a feature of a sport. And a chess player needs importance skills to play it and being the best chess player. 

Chess Is a Mind Sport

A mind sport or mind game means a game of skill where the mental exercise component is more significant and usable than the physical exercise. We should use our mind to playing a chess game instead of using physical movements. Only two ways that use physical movements in chess are, make movements of chessmen and sitting on a chair for a few hours. So, thinking, and take correct decisions at the correct position is the most wanted skill for playing chess. Playing chess is a great support to develop our critical thinking and decision making skills.

The Physical Exertion of a Chess Player

As mentioned above, chess is not required mental exertion to play the game. Thinking and take correct decisions is not enough to play this mind game. You must carry out your correct decisions at the correct point. It means you must make correct movements on the chessboard. It the first point you have to use your physical exertion on chess playing.

Next, you have to stay on a chair on a fixed posture for a long time. Sometimes it may be a couple of minutes or a couple of hours. It also pays your physical exertion. So, we can’t skip the physical exertion of chess while talking about chess as a sport.


By go thought above brief explanation about chess, you may have a clear idea about it as a sport. Someone can recognize it not as a sport by following the definition of the world of sport. But, we can mention and recognized clearly, chess as a sport by considering many other factors.

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