06 Fastest Checkmates in Chess (For Both White & Black)

It is very important to know about the fastest checkmates in chess when start learning chess as a beginner. That is not only for checkmate your opponent, but that is also for preventing you from being checkmated from the opponent.

The fastest checkmate in chess is known as Fool’s Mate. Some players have won against some 2000+ rating players also using Fool’s Mate. Here is an example game between Hans Klip and Tom Bottema.

Fastest Checkmates in Chess for Black

Most of these fastest checkmates are possible because of weak f pawn. Both f2 and f7 pawn are guarded by just kIng. Opponent uses that weakness to checkmate, but if if you carefully played it is not possible any of following methods.. Here are the fastest checkmates in chess for white.

Checkmate #01

This is called fool’s mate. This is the fastest checkmate possible in chess

Checkmate #02

Grob’s Attack (Fool’s Mate Pattern)

This is called Grob’s Attack, this is very similar to Fool’s mate.

Checkmate #03

This is also similar to fool’s mate, but opening called as Bird’s opening.

Fastest Checkmates in Chess for White

It is not possible to checkmate black just using two moves even black can checkmate white just using two moves. It required 3 moves for the fastest checkmate for white. Here are the fastest checkmates in chess for black.

Checkmate #04

This opening called “Barnes Defense”. This also can be mentioned as a pattern of fool’s mate.

Checkmate #05

This opening called “Bishop’s Opening”

Checkmate #06

This opening called as “Caro-Kann Defense: Karpov Variation”

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