When Was Chess Invented and by Whom?

Chess is one of the world’s most popular indoor games. It is popular in most countries in the world. It is not only an ordinary game because it can be mentioned as a brain-boosting game. So, it is valuable than most of the other indoor games in the world. It’s good to know about when was that incredible game invented and by whom. Let’s go thought all historical stories on it, and then we can get a conclusion about the real inventor and when it invented first in history.

Chess History

Tenet historical stories about chess

Chess is not invented as today’s concept of the chess game. The modern chess game is an evolution of a thousand years. Widespread of chess in Europe is can be mentioned as the golden era of the chess game. Because chess gets popular all over the world after it spread to European countries. 

However, the history of chess goes to thousand years back from today. Someone believes that chess is invented in North-western India. The first clear reference about the chess game in India was a Persian report (600 AD) describes chess introduced to Persia by India. 

Non-Authoritative History About the Beginning of Chess Game

However, according to the non-authoritative history comes from Sri Lanka which was the “Hela kingdom” says, there was a game like chess before 4500 – 5000 years in Sri Lanka. As mentioned above, it is a non-authoritative story about chess. But, we can identify this story comes from Sri Lanka as the first-ever stage of Chess. So, we must follow this real ancient story about the first stage of chess as chess lovers.

The First Stage of Chess Game Invented in Sri Lanka (Non-Authoritative)

There was a luxurious and blooming empire based on Sri Lanka before 4000 – 10,000 years back. It was the greatest earth civilization according to believers of Sri Lankans and others who believe that historic era. You can find out references about this great earth civilization from ancient pyramids in Egypt and Maya civilization’s beliefs. Hela kingdom had spread all over the earth. The greatest monarch of the Hela kingdom was, emperor Rawana. Frist reference about chess comes from the era of Rawana. It invented by the emperor’s queen Mandodari. Let’s see how and what is it. 

Queen Mandodari’s Game Like Chess

Before the great era of Rawana, the Hela kingdom (Sri Lanka) had subordinated by Bharat Kingdom (India). So, Helainas wants to be Independence against the subordination of the Bharat kingdom. Prince Rawana was the expectance of the Hela kingdom to gain the real Independence and make a great Hela empire. So, when Rawana become a young prince, he started to organize his force. 

This incident is the beginning of Chess as the “Siwu Ranga Keliya”. Rawana’s queen Mandodari creates a large board with square shapes (just like the chessboard). And he began to create chessmen for the game as commanders of the Rawana’s force. And there were two squares received for King Rawana and Queen Mandodari as well. So we can mention this as the beginning of chess game before 4500 – 5000 years from today. 

Queen Mandodari had placed each chessman in squares during prince Rawana organizing his force’s commanders and other main participants one by one. Finally, she created and placed 12 chessmen in the board of “Siwu Ranga Keliya” game including King and queen. Then she had to make commanders of the opposite side and played the game while the war of Hela kingdom. You can get an idea about the Hela kingdom, emperor Rawana, queen Mandodari and this Siwu Ranga Keliya game by watching the “RAWANA season-2” TV series on Youtube.

Tenet Beginning of the Chess Game in India

There was a strong bond between Sri Lanka and India for a long time. So, we can believe that this “Siwu Ranga Keliya” game had spread to India and it modified as the “game of Chathuranga”. And it is the second stage of the chess game after the game of queen Mandodari. That game becomes popular among royalties in the Gupta Empire in India. There were chessmen like “Siwu Ranga Keliya” and it represented infantry, cavalry, elephantry and chariotry forces of the empire. It evolved into the modern chessmen of pawn, knight, bishop and rock respectively

Conclusion About the Real Inventor

Most of the people believe that the Gupta Empire is the beginning of chess game. But, we can’t skip the great historical history comes from Sri Lanka’s ancient Hela kingdom. But, it is a non-authoritative story about the chess game. So, you can believe it or not. But, there is the only thing to keep in our mind when searching for history. It is, “History is not only about authoritative and authorized resources”.

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