How does the Queen Move in Chess?

Queen can move in any direction and is allowed to move in any number of squares on the chessboard. That is the basic answer for how does the queen move in chess question.

Who is the Chess Queen?

Chess Queen

The queen is the most powerful piece on the chessboard. Chess is representing a battle between two ancient enemy forces. The only women representative in chess is the queen. The queen in chess stands next to the king being ready and steady to protect him, as same as there is a faithful and talented woman behind every successful man.

Yes! The faithfulness and talent of the queen will always ensure the protection of the king. If she wants to leave the king, it’s only for the king’s protection or attacks the opposite side to win the game. The movements of the queen also depend on the player and the player must extremely knowledgeable about the possible moves of the queen.

The queen was introduced to the game in 1475 and she is located next to the king, either on d1 or d8. Due to this position allocation, a, b, c, and d files are known as the “queenside” and these files are named in her honour. This gives another reason for the player to be more familiar with the moves of this powerful and honoured lady. 

The Queen holds movements of a combination of both rook and bishop.  She can move in the reverse direction as well. Though she is permitted to move any number of squares she is not permitted to jump over another piece, getting this to consideration, she must either stop before the piece or capture the enemy piece.

Chess Queen Moves

Capturing a Piece with the Queen

Since Queen is a powerful piece in the game, she can capture any piece on the board which is in her moving direction. Once she captured a piece, she has to stop at that position which the enemy piece was. But the queen also can be attacked by the enemy force and in the worst case, she can be captured. So, it’s important to know when to move the queen while the game is going on.

When to launch the Queen?

Instead of rushing the queen, it is better to organize the troops more supportively. In general, the queen controls her army by staying behind the wall of pawns. The player must properly identify the best time to launch the queen. The best option is to deploy troops in a manner that the queen can stay longer in the game. She can roam anywhere on the board; keeping the queen safe for a long time would ensure the stability of the game.

Is it Possible to Have More than One Queen in a Game?

According to the rules and regulations of the game, theoretically, a player can have up to 9 queens. But in the practical scenario, having one more queen is enough to win the game. Once the pawn reaches the other end of the board, the second queen can be invited. Have you ever thought of a game with more queens? No doubt; it would be amazing!

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